Sunday, June 08, 2008

Stamping almost perfectly spaced titles on your pages

Imagine this scenario: You have almost finished your page. Now all you have to do is the title and your masterpiece is complete! You know just where to put your title and you have decided that using your alphabet stamps is the best option this time. You can even guess which size alpha stamps you will use. But, as you start stamping, you find that either your letters are too close together, or too far away, or not evenly spaced. You end up with a title that has not covered the space you wanted it to. Or it is larger than the space you wished to allocate it. Or it just looks too haphazard.

There is a simple way to stamp your titles and controlling their width without facing all the problems above.

Measure the width of the space where you wish to place your title.

Now, on a rough piece of paper mark the width on the edge.

Lightly pencil in your title. Here you need to eyeball it and if the spacing is not right, just erase and write again.

Choose appropriate size alphabet stamps. Your written letters should give you an indication of what size to use.

Now place the edge of the rough paper with your penciled title above the area where you wish to stamp your page title. See that you keep enough space to fit the height of the alphabet stamps you plan to use.

Stamp the letters, trying as much as possible to follow your penciled guide.

Here is the finished page:

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