Friday, May 16, 2008

Amazing Solar Powered Bra! Yeah! Finally!!!

This is just what we needed! A solar powered bra so that you are never without power for your laptop or your ipod!! I am so tickled ... women now have another use! I wonder if they'll come up with something for men too. Maybe they'll wear them bras too ...

This company keeps trying to design bras that do something extra. You may remember their chopstick bra or their shopping bag bra or their get-out-the-vote bra. The new designs never generate anything other than free publicity, which duh, I guess is the point.

So this time it’s a solar panel bra which can recharge your cell phone or iPod. Of course, the bra needs to be exposed to light in order to work, and a chick walking around outdoors in an exposed brassière may have more serious problems than a dead phone battery.

And that’s not even to mention what happens when GUYS start walking around in giant man-bras to charge THEIR phones! (Reuters)

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