Friday, May 16, 2008

Hey Needle-neck, your shoelace is untied!

The following photos were taken at a training base in Shengyang, China. Needles in collars are used to ensure correct posture! To think that I'd be upset when my granny tried to make me walk with a book on my head.

The Chinese seem obsessed with posture, to the point of inflicting pain on those who don’t stand up straight enough. We’ve had recent photos of several bizarre posture-control gimmicks, and now we have guys with needles in their collars, poised to stick themselves if they lower their head.

This s where the chance for annoying jokes comes in. Get yourself a phrase book and learn to say, “Hey needle-neck, your shoelace is untied! Then, when the poor dude instinctively bends over to tie his lace, hilarity ensues! Let me know how it goes. (Reuters)

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