Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Extracting dead husband's sperm to have babies

I guess I was naive in thinking this happened only on TV!! LMAO! But I now realize the TV writers must have gotten their inspiration from real life!

A widow has launched a legal bid for the right to have a child using sperm taken from her dead husband, it was disclosed yesterday. The 42-year-old woman persuaded doctors to remove the sperm after the sudden death of her husband last June, without his written consent.

A judge reportedly allowed the move after a gynaecologist said that the couple, who already have a daughter, had consulted him for fertility advice a week before the man’s death. The case, the first of its kind to be reported, has echoes of the debate prompted by Diane Blood’s fight to have children using sperm extracted from her husband while he was in a coma. (Telegraph)

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