Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Watch those roaming charges!

I have occasionally had to use roaming internet access for work while abroad but the biggest bill I've had to foot was about US$1000. And this was for work - just e-mails and stuff. This is nothing compared to the bills these people ran up - and for wanting to watch TV!! Yikes!

A solicitor who watched The Apprentice and two other BBC shows over the internet while on holiday has returned home to a bill for £4,900 from her mobile phone company. During a long weekend in Villefranche on the French Riviera, Janet decided to catch up on the latest episode of The Apprentice using the BBC’s iPlayer service.

She downloaded the programme, together with politics shows This Week and The Andrew Marr Show, to her laptop computer using a Vodafone 3G card, which enables fast internet access. She wrongly assumed that her tariff included downloading whilst abroad, but in fact her supplier, in common with most other telecoms firms, typically charges £4.25 per megabyte outside the UK – meaning The Apprentice, which is a 600MB file, would cost £2,550 to watch.

Earlier this year company director Ray Elmitt, 63, got a bill for £1,150 after using his phone’s broadband internet connection in Spain to connect to his company’s website for an hour, and the wife of a City executive ran up an £11,000 bill downloading four episodes of Friends. (Telegraph)

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