Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A new kind of keepsake: ashes to diamonds

I am not sure about people but with animals I can almost accept the idea of taking the ashes of your favorite pet and turning them into a diamond.

When Sooty the cat passed away his doting owner consoled herself by having him turned into a unique black diamond. Owner Sue Rogers then had the rock set in a gold ring so she can wear her beloved pet on her finger all the time. Black cat Sooty is now a third-of-a-carat and is thought to be the only black diamond in the world created from a pile of ashes.

The diamond was created by a US firm that turns dead people and animals into everlasting gems. "I asked the company if they did black diamonds and they said they had never done one before. But thankfully they were able to and now Sooty is a black diamond. They use ashes, but not all of them, so it is still possible to scatter some ashes in the traditional way as well." (Telegraph)

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