Friday, June 06, 2008

3D tours of Disney World on Google Earth

Now you can tour Disney World Florida virtually before you visit. Google Earth is providing this new service. You can walk through the whole place. For now you can see only the outside of the buildings. Soon visitors will be able to enter inside and even check out the hotel rooms. how cool is that!?!

The programme allows tourists to explore a detailed recreation of the rides, streets, and hotels across the Orlando site. Visitors can walk or fly around the park as they wish. Information on the park's 1,500 attractions pops up on the side of the screen, along with photos, videos and booking details. Click on a restaurant and the menu will appear.

Google Earth already allows users to explore 3D recreations of some major world cities, but the intricate models supplied by Disney mean that the theme park plan is one of the most detailed ever produced. Even the park’s numerous statues, benches, lamp posts and banners are included. (Telegraph)

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