Friday, June 06, 2008

Emu meant for omelette becomes family pet

I had no idea people ate Emu egg omelettes! And now that this lady decided to hatch the egg instead of eating it, she is going to have one big pet on her hands and for a long time. Emus can get pretty big and live for longer than 20 years, especially in captivity!

Gillian Stone bought three emu eggs, which were being sold at £10 each as luxury food items at a farm on the Isle of Wight. Instead of scrambling them up for breakfast, Ms Stone, 47, from Bexhill in East Sussex, decided to have a go at hatching the huge green eggs.

Nothing happened with two of the eggs but, after 52 days in an incubator, Osborne emerged. Ms Stone said: “We decided to risk putting the eggs in the incubator and, after a little bit of help Osborne arrived. He is doing well, despite taking a long time to learn to eat. "He’s been devouring the lettuce growing in our garden, and bouncing around everywhere. He’s made good friends with one of our pet chickens and they sleep snuggled up together." (Link)

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