Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Brad Pitt to turn Architect!

Yup ... it's been his life long dream and now he is going to design a hotel in Dubai. It will be a five-star 'socially conscious' hotel complex - you know - environmentally friendly and all that. In Dubai? It is the most environmentally unfriendly city I know! Just think only of the air conditioning in a single mega steel structure (which are continuously mushrooming) needed to survive there. And, among other things, they have an indoor ski slope - how environmentally friendly can it be operating that thing? Oh well ... it's Brad and if he says it's eco friendly, lets all believe it. Methinks this is part of Dubai government's marketing plan to make the city look environmentally friendly - like they really do care!

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt is to fulfil his long-held dream of becoming an architect by designing a five-star hotel complex in Dubai. The project will be "socially conscious" and a world leader in environmental sustainability, according to the property company behind it. The resort will comprise an 800-room luxury hotel and adjoining leisure complex, and will play host to star-studded events and awards ceremonies. Its precise location is yet to be announced. (Telegraph)

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