Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Man teaches heron to fly by flapping his arms

The baby heron fell off his nest and was taken to the wildlife sanctuary where Gary Zammit works. He took care of the chick but when it came to flying, the bird did not seem to have a clue. So Zammit tried something new: he waved his arms and made squawking noises till the bird copied him and took off!

Gary Zammit, 42, started his training by running in a field with food in his pockets so the bird would follow him, and gain in strength. Mr Zammit said: "He never showed any sign of wanting to take off.

"To encourage him to try flying I had to tempt him along with food in the hope that instinct would kick in and he would go up. But for days he just walked alongside me, or occasionally hopped a bit. "I ended up getting really involved and running alongside him, flapping my arms like an idiot. Eventually he began half flying at a height of around three feet, and now, he soars around the buildings until I call him back down. It is a wonderful sight." (More here: Telegraph)

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