Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Explosion in Chem class - students injured

Chem labs are scary places (actually they can be fun too!) - I have vivid memories of the smells, the scarred table tops and exploding test tubes. But exploding test tubes is as bad as I have seen. These poor kids in Germany are going to have chemical nightmares for a while now!

A dozen students and a teacher have been injured in a chemistry class blast in Germany. Police said a glass flask containing more than two pints of nitric acid exploded. The students were showered with acid and glass. Others were harmed by inhaling the noxious fumes. Thirteen people were taken to hospital. The incident happened in the 11th grade of a high school in Goettingen. The school was evacuated after the explosion and all 1,100 students were sent home. A police investigation has been launched into the incident. (Link)

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