Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Man fakes his death to avoid creditors

... he even managed to get a death certificate, collected his insurance money and travelled all over the world with fake passports! Just like in the movies. He has some chutzpah!! Of course he has now been arrested and all that but what a story! Almost a 'Catch me if you can'.

A Singapore man was jailed for three years after he faked his own death in a civil war shoot-out in Sri Lanka in 1987 to escape his creditors and claim US$243,600 in insurance money, a newspaper reported Saturday. The Straits Times said that Gandaruban Subramaniam fled Singapore more than 20 years ago -- harassed by creditors and illegal money lenders since the failure of his car rental business -- and moved to London to work as a street sweeper.

The 60-year old eventually settled in Sri Lanka where he managed to obtain a death certificate stating he had been killed in a shootout between government troops and Tamil Tiger rebels, allowing his family to claim on his insurance policies. But he returned to Singapore a number of times using a fake Sri Lankan passport and also remarried his wife in Sri Lanka in 1994 and fathered a son, their fourth child, two years later. (Reuters)

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