Monday, June 02, 2008

Gay Rights action in Russia squashed

In Russia homosexuals are called 'satanists' by politicians, 'morally corrupted' by the Orthodox church and are not being tolerated by the authorities. The bigger picture, which is infintely more worrying is that the present Government does not seem to be at all tolerant about any rallys, protests or marches.

Russia's gay rights movement faces oblivion after riot police and the Orthodox Church joined forces to stifle a protest in Moscow. Yuri Luzkhov, Moscow's mayor, had already banned the city's third Gay Pride march after dismissing homosexuals as Satanists. Campaigners were too afraid to protest on the street, so a small group instead hung a banner calling for tolerance from an apartment window opposite Mr Luzhkov's offices. As the four activists unfurled the banner, Orthodox priests on the street below denounced the "moral corruption" of homosexuality.

The manner in which the demonstrations were held reflects the Kremlin's increasing intolerance for all forms of public protest. Political demonstrations in the past two years have been stamped on by the police with increasing brutality. (Telegraph)

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