Monday, June 02, 2008

India tops 'World Murder Count'

India has earned the dubious distinction of being the country where maximum number of murders takes place in the world, three times more than its neighbour Pakistan and double the figures in United States. India was followed by South Africa which registered 30,960 incidents of murders. Austria had recorded just 148 murders, whereas Israel registered 177 such incidents.

However, the rate (per 100,000 population) of murder and other crimes in India was much less compared to other countries. The murder and rape rate in India is three and four (per 100,000 population) respectively whereas South Africa recorded occurrence rates in the two categories as 65.27 and 115.8 respectively.

The number of rape cases was maximum in the US which recorded 93,934 such assaults followed by South Africa 54,926 and India 18,359.

The data was compiled in 22 countries which included Australia, Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, Japan, Canada, England and Wales, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand and Sri Lanka besides others. In India, there were 44,159 incidents of sexual offence, 270,861 cases of serious assault and 22,814 robbery and violent theft-related incidents, the report said.

The maximum number of robbery related cases were reported in Japan which had registered 1,725,072 such counts. The US topped the crime list with 23,113,708 total crime related incidents, whereas India registered overall 5,026,337 criminal cases. (TOI)

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