Thursday, June 05, 2008

LO: A Map Collage - An idea for those extra photos

I just finished working on a gift album for my daughter (Post 1, Post 2 & Post 3). She went to Kenya on a school trip and this included a safari. As you may well imagine, the photos were numerous. Once I had finished the album I found that I had leftover a lot of photos of animals. Rather than throw them away I decided to make the last page of the album using them. You can follow the easy instructions to make a similar collage. It does not have to be a map – just look at all the extra photos you have and you will know the shape you want to make!

From the internet find a map outline of Africa in a GIF format. Print this out on a piece of paper the same size as your page - maintain aspect ratio while resizing.

Cut out the map.

Crop the photographs of the animals into small squares, cutting out the parts that I call the ‘dead’ zone – however do not discard these – they will make the perfect filler for your collage. Glue these, again cut into small squares, around the edge of the map.


Then flip the map and carefully cut the photos, following the edge as precisely as you can.


This is how the front of your map should look like:


Now carefully glue down all your photographs, making sure that all areas are covered. It is okay if the photos overlap, or even go over the edges of the map.


Again, flip the map and trim and photo edges sticking out.


If your collage has more than one piece, use the negative of the printed paper as a template to stick down the pieces.


Finish your page as takes your fancy!


Ann said...

So very cool!!!!! Thanks for sharing this.

Scrapitalia said...

what a cool idea!! I think I am going to copy it!!!