Friday, June 06, 2008

Red Bull banned -Try relaxing Drank

I never did understand the Red Bull craze. I tried it a couple of times and did not like it one bit. But I see kids everywhere with cans of Red Bull in their hands. Seems like a very 'in' drink now. And judging by the name, it makes one feel like a bull who has seen red.

A school has banned Red Bull after staff reported a rise in bad behaviour by students who had consumed the high-energy drink. Teachers at Chatsmore Catholic High School in Worthing, West Sussex said there had been a noticeable increase in "inappropriate behaviour" by pupils, who became rowdier in lessons. Acting head Anne Ward said Red Bull and the Tesco-branded Kick high energy drinks had now been banned from its grounds. She said: "We found that a small number of children's behaviour was less appropriate after they had been drinking these drinks. (Link)

So now to counter the effects of a high energy drink, we have an anti-energy drink called the extreme relaxation beverage 'Drank'. This sounds like something I might like to try even though there is no beverage quite as relaxing as wine.

This is a carbonated, grape-flavored beverage spiked with melatonin, valerian root and rose hips. Apparently it is "very, very popular in Houston," and it's sold throughout the south in liquor and convenience stores. So, does it make you sleepy? I asked the publicist. Yes, and she hears it's good with vodka. Oh, something that makes it more likely I'll fall asleep while drinking? Excellent. What, you might wonder, was the creator thinking? I'm glad you asked. He was thinking of the hip hop community. Direct from the press release:

From design to production, every aspect of this calming drink was inspired by today’s popular hip hop artists who embrace the much sought-after hip hop lifestyle that encourages people to capture a stress-free state of mind. (Link)


Anonymous said...

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Jody said...

In the intense, energy-filled life many of us lead, we often can find it difficult to stop and take a breather - even though taking a few moments to relax should be on everyone’s agenda - especially considering the hectic nine-to-five lifestyle.

Tantamount to this predicament that many find themselves in, is the lauded energy beverage; something that gives you an extra kick in the pants to keep you going for the rest of the day. As busy as people can get, many forget to take a few moments to themselves and end up finding that they are fidgety, restless and stressed out through another long workday.

This commonplace and routine ethic dictates the lives of many, paving the way for a brand new relaxation beverage that offers them an escape from their stresses, a way to shoo off the pressures of their day and essentially offers them a vacation in a bottle. This innovative new product is called ViB™ (Vacation in a Bottle®) and it is quickly taking force as the company nears the product launch at 7-Elevens, which is set to take place on Monday, August 25th, 2008.

ViB is an all-natural, guilt-free, anti-energy relaxation beverage that helps to calm the body and the nerves, and naturally relieve mental and physical stress. The makers of this product have achieved this by combining an array of natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants blended together with all natural flavors—live pomegranate and berries—to make a can of pure relaxation bliss. It’s not something that will make you fall asleep at work. Rather, it will relieve tension and stress in your body, and the fact that it has low carbs and low calories, essentially means that you can drink it like water and not feel guilty afterwards.

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