Friday, May 16, 2008

Surprise inside an egg

I think if this happened to me it would put me off eggs for a while ... yuck! Good thing the guy who got the surprise is a doctor. A strong stomach, enquiring mind and all that ...

Australian scientists are trying to crack the mystery of how a tiny lizard found its way inside a chicken’s egg. The bizarre discovery was made by a doctor in Darwin as he made dinner earlier this week.

Peter Beaumont broke open an egg and was shocked to find a dead gecko inside. “I was cracking the eggs into a pan when I noticed one of them was all cloudy. I looked at the shell and saw a tiny gecko,” he said. The lizard could not have entered the egg after it was cracked open because it was embedded between the interior of the shell and the egg’s membrane, he said.

Dr Beaumont believes the lizard climbed into the chicken’s bottom, perhaps to feed on an embryo, before dying and becoming cocooned in the developing egg. (Telegraph)

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